I like my pictures to make people think. I want my work to tell stories – Josh Martz from El Salvador

I came across this photography of Women’s eye contributed by Josh Martz from based in the beautiful Central American country, El Salvador. Josh is a Graphic designer, Illustrator and also does photography. I caught up with him for an interview.

Tell us about yourself and how you started your career as a Graphic designer and illustrator?

I was born and raised in San Salvador, Capital of El Salvador in 1992. I have always been a person who likes to create and tell stories with my work. Since I was a kid, I was inspired by an uncle who taught himself how to paint murals and to do sculptures.As a kid I was always drawing or painting.

But it was until 2007 when I was sent from my school to Oral Roberts University National final competitions in Tulsa, Oklahoma; I got introduced to the world of design and trained on Adobe Photoshop 8 and Fireworks to compete there. I achieved second place on “Computer Graphics” and third place on “Computer Arts”. I was so happy that I had found something I was told I’m good at. Something I enjoy and could live of.

Girl Smiling !
Girl Smiling !

How did you learn photography and tell us about how you style of doing photography

As a curious kid, I always wanted to know how things work? So when my dad bought his first camera, a five mega pixels Canon, I had a lot of fun experimenting without knowing I’d love it even more years later. In 2013, I received my first professional class at University as a subject from the Graphic Design degree. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures, trying to do things great photographers do with much more expensive gear. I learned along the way…

“It is not about what camera model or lenses you have. It’s about wanting to create everyday”

And that’s how I can describe my style. I like my pictures to make people think. I want my work to tell stories. Either I have the greatest gear or not. And maybe that’s why I tend to separate myself from fashion photography. Not because I think people can’t do gorgeous pictures in that industry. But because I care about clothing and accessories only if they help with the story.

Ballet dance Photography
Ballet dance Photography,El Salvador
Angel by the sea
Angel by the sea – Photography by Josh
T-shirt designer El Salvador
Josh’s work – Graphic Designer based in El Salvador

What is your process of working on a graphic design or any design project. How do you convert client requirement into design.

Design process may vary from project to project depending on what are you trying to create. Some projects will have more steps to follow or will have them in different order. But, regularly, I follow this steps:

A- The first and must obvious thing to do is having clear what your clients need is.
B- Knowing the target. Do not confuse this with your client’s personal taste.
C- Conceptualization.
D- Experimenting. Some teacher once told me “The first two hundred ideas you get are the ones anyone else could think of”. So, don’t get frustrated if your first tries don’t seem like a good solution.
E- Create. One you know which of your ideas is the best, make it real.
F- Analysis. See you little baby take its first steps. After you have finished your work, youd have to study how functional this creation is.

My Future

My future plan is having my own design studio/agency and multimedia workshop.  I also wish to travel around the world.

Check out Josh’s portfolio – Josh 

– Venkat

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